The lost images of happiness


There was a time

once upon a time

when time had a lot of ‘time’,

It was a time when open spaces in the city 

didn’t come with a premium;


Soon after school –

I still remember the rush to our nearby open grounds,

Hurriedly abandoning our school bags,

Clad half in school uniform, half in casuals,

Stinking socks lay disconcertingly near our kitchen door,

Amma’s repeated summons for lunch would fall into deaf ears,


Dusk – Abba’s ears would by now have already been fed by Amma,

With the cane and homework awaiting us,

We would hang up our boots for the day,

Two stinging whacks and a quick evening snack,

We would then get down to business – homework;

Those days – 

Early supper – early to bed – and an early rise;


Then – There were the red tomatoes and green lemons

in our miniature garden,

The cheating in the hide-and-seek games,

A dip in the nearby polluted pond,

Our kitchen cat in his corridors of power,

The chasing away of stray cows from our compound,

The melting ice-cream dripping till our elbows,

How groundnuts crunch between our teeth after coming out of its ‘oyster-shells’,

The morning newspapers used to be cricket and not violence in their pages,

The milkman’s arrival and my departure for school

were timed to perfection,

These images of happiness and many more are at a premium now;

© Sabah

18 thoughts on “The lost images of happiness”

  1. Beautiful masterpiece of words yet again from the beautiful world of imagination of yours dear Sabah Sir…

  2. Very nostalgic and well written. Brings back memories of my Don Bosco days. By the way I am Siddhartha’s younger cousin. He shared me the link to your page.

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