Nikaah to Naqaash


We were two souls,

and our destinies were pre-destined,

Providence brought us together,

first on the social media,

and then on to our Nikaah night,

A rainy April Nikaah night;


Soon Spring would welcome us

as it does for lovebirds,

A love-slumber

would lull us into a trance – till dawn;

In all of these times –

We fought through the darkest nights,

and made love on the darkest nights;


Earlier –

No sooner had I seen her reflection on the mirror,

I realised –

The mirror didn’t have an error,

The moment I heard her voice for the first time,

I started looking for her,

not knowing how blind I was,

As –

True lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,

They are there – in each other, all along;


A decade has rolled over

since that rainy April Nikaah night,

That April Nikaah night,

Has now bore a fruit of love,

A fruit of love – soft and ripe,

Our little Naqaash has come to life.

© Sabah