On Rains and Rainy Nights

The other morning I felt

as if the fallen leaves

were walking along with me,

This morning –

I saw them getting drenched in the rain,

I heard them drinking the rain;

Remember –

How after a downpour,

raindrops would precariously hang like pearls

on strings use to dry clothes on rooftops;

Then –

On rainy nights,

I fall in love with my small town,

On rainy nights,

I go outside and stand in my lawn,

On rainy nights,

I get my soul drenched,

On rainy nights,

I close my eyes and yearn for her again,

On rainy nights,

We made love just as the rain made love to the trees;

Because –

On rainy nights,

Every time we made love, it rained till eternity.

© Sabah

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