Tolstoy didn’t possess

the chiseled features of an aristocrat,

Once upon a time there were two hearts

and they didn’t live happily ever after,

Minors are raped and sometimes

rapists are minors – so they go scot-free,

The bride was enjoying vermicelli

with the vermilion on her forehead,

Prostitutes are virgins the following night,

In bookstores – Erotica sells, The Rig Veda doesn’t,

In banks – coffers are on offer,

A diabetic once owned a sweet-shop,

The coffin-maker had a strong immune system,

The nurse was a curse for the newborn,

The barber had a long beard,

The dhobi wore dirty clothes,

Hyenas were chanting hymns,

Because –

Gods and Governments were never together.

© Sabah