Ruminating upon a Reverie

Soon after dusk,

my heart began to settle down,

and by nightfall,

my heart overpowered me;

Pre-Dawn –

Two kisses suddenly wake me up,

Only to find your shadow asleep beside me,

Then – on the adjacent wall,

I couldn’t see my reflection,

I felt myself without a soul;

Remember –

The previous night I had lowered my lips near your earlobes to whisper love,

But –

There wasn’t any romantic reciprocity from you;

So –

Let us then fly towards a secret sky where the moon and the countless stars will surround us as we mate and unite as one;

At daybreak –

My love,

I realised it was a reverie.

© Sabah

4 thoughts on “Ruminating upon a Reverie”

  1. The writing has been very beautiful.. The touch of love could be felt in a very good way..

  2. At times a reverie is sweeter than a reality. A reality can disappoint us sometimes, but a reverie very often lifts our spirits.

    1. So sweet of you dear Arun Sir. And how beautifully you have analysed the subtle essence of my poem – just like a true connoisseur of verse. Thank you Sir. Stay blessed and stay safe.

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