She and her and I and me


Two rose petals – red,

separated, yet facing each other. Her lips.


I won’t barter it to anyone – none,

yet her one smile took it for free. My heart.


I was so focused, like the ancient archer,

yet her thoughts distracted me. My mind.


Deep within me, like a mirror to reflect my deeds.

Out of reach from none, till she came. My soul.


The one I loved was everywhere,

I was blind and they too lied to me. My eyes.


Long after she left my soul,

I could still sense her around me – everywhere. Her aroma.

(7) They come to prick me on nights

when the mole in the moon was more visible. Her memories.


My eyes speak to her – everyday. I don’t have words.

What do I have then? – My silence.


Now –

I meet her everyday.

Where? – On the pages of my poetry.

© Sabah

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  1. Readers can identify with the feeling of the poet, though with some effort. I find it easy and flowing. Good.

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