In a hamlet far away from the city:

A hut –

She –

What was she like?


What was she like?

She –

She was stroking her hair,

Her hair was long and black,

Her hair plunged over her shoulders,

Her locks were braided with bright ribbons,

Why? –

To keep the stiff sea breeze from tossing curls on her face;


Her attire suggested of her rebellious wardrobe,

Her honey-sweet lips were blossom soft,

Her slender waist was narrow like a wasp,

Her voluptuous bends of her hips,

Her glossy skin,

Her slender eyebrows,

Her velvety eyelashes,


She –

She has been carved out by the Creator

who sculpted her out of care

just like a potter sculpts a pot from raw clay;


But –

She –

She was like the lonely kite in the sky – afloat yet unsure,

On full moon nights and when the nights were long,

She yearned for her faithful paramour,

He wasn’t here this time around,

Why? –

He was there where he was supposed to be,

She said:

You were here and then you weren’t,

She now hears his voice in the wind,

And – now,

When it blows, it caresses her in his absence.

© Sabah

2 thoughts on “She”

  1. Yeah, I too feel her. When it’s dawn, she wakes me up, in my dreams. Sweet…. Adorable… Enchanting. I travel back… in my Time Machine. Clumsily I try to hold her close. But in a twinkle she is gone. I Despair. Well, men will be men.. as they say. Is it sinful ? I ask my soul………….!!

  2. Dear Arun Sir, your reply had left me spellbound. Its shows the “inner poet” within you full of pent up feelings and emotions. Thank you Sir. It means a lot. Stay blessed always.

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