The Silent Silence


Day-hours are no longer rush hours,

At dusk, it is nightfall now,

Stray dogs and stray cows outnumber humans,

Humans, who are at home now,

For the fear of cough and sneeze droplets;


The veggie carts are now driven by green-emperors,

The poor beggar peacefully sleeps in front of shut malls,

He isn’t chased away,

On the other hand, the mall-wallas are chased away,

The poor beggar has had his last laugh;


Horns are missed during the busy day-hours,

The tick-tocking of the wall clocks,

Are more audible now even at noon-time,

Sounds that were either ignored or missed,

Sounds that had gone silent,

Roam freely in our hearts now,

Silence though, has gone silent,

Is it the lull before the storm?

© Sabah