the corona virus poetry - covid katha

The Viral Virus


A virus, they say, has suddenly gone viral,

Spiralling its way from the poles to the equator,

The human globe stands punctured,

Humans and stray dogs stranded in vacuum cities;


Each endless week

now has just one day,

Each month

will most likely be made up of thirty familiar days,

It’s said that when Qayamat arrives,

humankind won’t recognize their kith and kin,

Is Nostradamus happily smiling from up above?


The vacuum cities of medical mediocrity in 2020 AD,

Where the air now finally breathes on its own,

As masked humankind suffocates itself,

And sanitizers cleanse their insanity;


A grocery shop for once seems like an oasis in a city,

A locked soul – shy, scared,

Comes out with a jhola

and retreats quickly with a handful of expensive groceries,

Only to cook, eat, sleep and rise up to go to bed once again,

Here –

All sleep and no play would help humankind

to live to fight for another day;


Every cloud has a silver lining,

But then the sceptics will say –

What about the silver lining

if engulfed with dark clouds.

© Sabah